Contaminated Sites

TCE Contamination Delineation, Remediation and Management

This project included the completion of a Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) Stage 1 and Stage 2, Detailed Site Investigation (DSI), Remedial Options Evaluation, off-site remediation, Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment, and ongoing engineered barrier controls. The potential for the contamination first came to light during a routine Stage 1 PSI conducted for the client as […]

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Spill Response

Keystone Environmental assists clients in spill response activities ranging from initial impact assessment to directing and implementing response actions to protect the environment, effect clean up, and liaise with regulators and other interested parties. In April 2016, a fuel tanker truck with trailer and pup was involved in a motor vehicle accident on the Crowsnest […]

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Chatterton Chemicals

At this former Dow Chemical plant site, soil and groundwater were contaminated with the main source being a major toluene spill during plant operation.  Following more than 10 years of investigation and remediation by another consultant, a conclusion remained years away and the owner retained Keystone Environmental to assist with the provision of technical oversight.  […]

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