Discharge Permitting

Discharge Permitting: Engineers Making Compliance Easier Does your business have an air or liquid discharge to the environment? Does your process generate air particulate or chemicals that regulatory agencies consider contaminants and are regulated under the various jurisdictions? Whether it is solid, liquid or gas discharges, Keystone Environmental’s engineers has the scientific and engineering expertise […]

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Spring Bird Nesting

by Jayme Brooks, B.Sc., R.PBio. Intermediate Biologist As spring approaches, so do sensitive timing periods for a variety of wildlife. Recently, spring bird nesting has become the focus for many local municipalities during the permitting process for development projects. This means restrictions to when and where vegetation clearing may be permitted. In British Columbia, birds and […]

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Regulatory Update on Stormwater and Groundwater Management during Construction

City of Burnaby The City of Burnaby now requires groundwater management for site remediation and construction development activities in Burnaby to be incorporated into the storm water management reports. The reports will be renamed to “Storm and Ground Water Management Plan (SGWM)”. Historically, building perimeter drainage systems discharged to the storm sewer system. With consideration […]

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