Keystone Environmental’s business philosophy is client driven and solutions-oriented. Environmental site assessment projects promote progress by resolving environmental issues effecting property development, sales, acquisition, leasing, financing or decommissioning. Site assessments can include baseline studies, hydro-geological characterization, impact assessment and risk management, each focused on cost-effective mitigation strategies. Projects have included mine sites, railways, fuel facilities, airports, sawmills, shipyards, and coal tar, wood preservation and metal processing plants. Our environmental management and compliance programs are designed to support industrial operations and maintenance.

Keystone Environmental’s approach is to integrate pollution prevention and control strategies to achieve regulatory compliance. By working closely with our clients, workable, easy-to-maintain solutions which complement the operation of current facilities are developed. Projects include storm water management, landfill management, regulatory liaison and wastewater treatment plant upgrades and operations. Our solutions have included improved wash systems and treatment facilities for public transit, locomotive, rail car, heavy equipment, fueling and maintenance facilities.

Keystone Environmental serves client organizations of all sizes in both the private and public sectors.

Airport Industry Services

Keystone Environmental has extensive experience in assisting the airport industry in meetings its environmental challenges. Airports in strategic locations have experience significant growth and demand brought about by industry deregulation, airport privatization, and the travel demands of a global economy. Read More….


Keystone Environmental is a strong proponent of, and has worked with the development industry for over 3 decades. In serving this sector, our services are tailored to meet its specific needs. Read More….


Keystone Environmental has served the forest sectors at sawmills, plywood and particle board mills, pulp mills and wood treatment facilities. We have provided services in the areas of regulatory compliance, development of environmental management systems, closure of facilities, investigation and remediation of contamination, landfill planning and design and asset transfer transactions. Read More….


Keystone Environmental has achieved recognition in the field of mining-related environmental engineering, geology and science by anticipating, exploring and responding to the needs of our clients in a timely and solution-oriented manner. Read More….


The management and staff of operating facilities are charged with the responsibility of increasing the profitability of their facilities while at the same time meeting the increasing environmental compliance demands of corporate environmental policies, regulators and the public. Read More….


Public transit systems are facing the demand for equal access to faster and more convenient service. Expanding and improving service is accomplished by adding passenger stations, vehicles and maintenance facilities which represent a substantial public investment, and one that warrants protection from environmental risk. Read More….


Keystone Environmental has a long working relationship with railway companies and retains the tradition by offering a full range of environmental services tailored to today’s railway industry. We have been part of this industry’s recent period of deregulation, which has resulted in a need for greater efficiency and responsiveness. Read More….