Brant Dorman

P. Eng., CSAP, Senior Engineer


Brant Dorman, a Contaminated Sites Approved Professional who is qualified to review and recommend applications for provincial Ministry of Environment (MOE) certificates and approvals, Brant Dorman is a senior environmental engineer with more than 25 years of experience in Canada and the USA. His experience comprises completing air quality assessments, managing and conducting environmental site assessments, and executing remediation and risk assessment projects.

Brant has investigated, senior reviewed, and project managed environmental site assessments at a range of client sites including service stations, dry cleaners, landfills, electrical substations, chemical plants, mines, and rail yards with budgets up to $1.5 million. In addition to managing environmental staff and increasing group profitability at two companies, he brings experience in all phases of project management, as well as technical and site supervision, regulatory, client, and contractor liaison, and reporting. Brant is also experienced in providing technical support and mentoring to junior staff.

Brant offers Keystone Environmental’s clients critical experience investigating and remediating contaminants of concern, including petroleum hydrocarbons, wood treatment chemicals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), solvents, dry-cleaning chemicals, and metals. Remediation techniques that he has developed and utilized have ranged from groundwater pump-and-treatment systems, dual-phase extraction systems, novel vapour extraction systems, free-phase product collection, and remedial excavation.

Brant has accelerated client schedules by assessing project needs and risks then catering solutions to fit. He has also been successful minimizing client expenditures and accelerating schedules for Ministry approvals by using background releases and assessing all remediation alternatives. In addition, he has an excellent working knowledge of and familiarity with the Contaminated Sites Regulation, is experienced with the procedures and protocols in place within the Province of British Columbia, and brings considerable experience interacting with Ministry management and staff.