Cam Patterson

P. Geo., Chief Hydrogeologist

Cam has been employed in the environmental profession since 1992, after graduating from University of Waterloo in the Co-op Geology Program.

Since joining Keystone Environmental Ltd. in 1995, Cam has conducted, and advised on, hundreds of Environmental Site Investigations in Western Canada on various commercial and large industrial sites, including operating and abandoned mine sites, wood treatment facilities, pulp mills, petrochemical facilities, and rail and other transportation operations. As Chief Hydrogeologist at Keystone Environmental he oversees the geological, hydrogeological, and geochemical aspects of projects. Cam has a strong geological background, specializing in contaminant hydrogeology and geochemistry. His expertise includes preparation and review of investigative work programs, oversight and performance of detailed environmental and hydrogeologic investigations, coordination and review of groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling, assessment and interpretation of geochemical studies including acid rock drainage/metal leaching (ARD/ML) prediction and mitigation planning, and evaluation of alternatives for remediation of soil, sediment, and groundwater or technical support for Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments.

Combining continuing professional development with applied experience, Cam has developed a thorough understanding of appropriate investigative methodologies and interpretive skills to efficiently prepare conceptual models and evaluate hydrogeologic conditions. Cam provides senior technical review for investigative and remedial reports, as well as communicating with clients, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders and has provided professional opinion for use in negotiations and litigation.