Kevin Wong

P. Eng., Department Head, Contaminated Sites | Shareholder

Mr. Kevin Wong is the Department Head for Keystone Environmental Ltd.’s Contaminated Sites team. Mr. Wong has over 12 years of experience and provides senior level expertise and project management for the performance of detailed site investigations, remediation planning and design, human health and ecological risk assessments, and acquisition due diligence assessment. He also assists clients in negotiations with local and provincial regulators and approving agencies, and provides second opinion services.

Mr. Kevin Wong graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Environmental Engineering in 2004. From 2004 to 2008, Mr. Wong has been involved investigative and remediation projects including field supervision (during test pitting, borehole drilling/monitoring well installation, underground storage tank removals, remedial excavations, and the installation of barrier wall remediation systems), the collection and selection of soil and groundwater samples for laboratory analysis, and the interpretation of data and analytical results.

Since 2008, Mr. Wong has held a variety of progressively senior positions in the environmental engineering consulting industry, culminating in project management roles and management of the contaminated sites department. During this period, he designed contaminated sites investigations and remediation plans.

In 2015, Mr. Wong was appointed to the Roster of Approved Professional under the provisions of the BC Environment Management Act in the capacity of a Standards Assessment Specialist.