At Keystone Environmental we are client driven and solutions-oriented, and we serve organizations of all sizes in both the private and public sectors. Keystone Environmental’s approach is to integrate pollution prevention and control strategies to achieve regulatory compliance. By working closely with our clients, workable, easy-to-maintain solutions which complement the operation of current facilities are developed.


Airport industry

Airports, in strategic locations, have experienced significant growth and demand brought about by industry deregulation, airport privatization, and the travel demands of a global economy.

Development industry

Utilizing our environmental regulatory expertise, knowledge and working relationships with senior BC Environment managers and directors, we work with the best interest of our clients in mind.


Forest Sector

We assist with regulatory compliance matters, addressing issues such as air emissions, fuel facility compliance, wastewater discharges, storm water runoff, dangerous goods, hazardous waste handling and occupational health & safety.

Mining industry

Our Mining team is composed of scientists and engineers selected as much for their technical and negotiation skills, as for their experience in the mining industry.

Pollution Prevention

Keystone Environmental approaches compliance issues from a pollution prevention, process optimization and waste minimization perspective.

Public Transit

Keystone Environmental tailors its services to meet transit’s demands for innovative, high-quality solutions that retain value. We promote solutions which reduce future capital and maintenance expenditures.


Railway Industry

We assist our railway industry clients in meeting their environmental challenges and integrate pollution prevention strategies into capital projects.