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Keystone Environmental’s Biology Services evolved from our leading role in providing innovative mitigation/remediation strategies based on our Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment capabilities. In today’s business environment with ever-increasing environmental regulations, our Biological Services have allowed our clients to maximize the potential of their projects through appropriate environmental planning (e.g., stream-side protection, endangered species regulations, etc.).

Keystone Environmental continues to expand our ability to manage clients’ needs by further developing our biological capabilities. Using the same management strategy applied to other regulatory challenges, our Senior Biologists assemble project teams from our in-house biologists and field sampling technicians, and complement these teams with experts in specific fields from outside the company when and if the need arises. This approach allows us to tailor our services to each assignment for overall effectiveness and economy.

Our expertise with federal, provincial and regional environmental regulations and policies, combined with our experienced personnel enable us to provide high quality, comprehensive, and economical solutions for our clients.

Biophysical Environmental Assessments
For proposed developments, in the planning stages, Keystone Environmental completes strategic-level Biophysical Environmental Assessments, which are intended to assess areas for suitability of potential future development opportunities, and to aid in decision making toward more detailed design options. Read More…..
Bird and/or Nest Surveys
The BC Wildlife Act and the federal Migratory Birds Convention Act provide protection for native bird species, their nests and young from disturbance or harm during breeding season. Read More…..
Electrofishing is a practice of safely salvaging and relocating fish in areas where in-water works are required. Keystone Environmental has experienced biologists and technicians that are certified under the provincial WorkSafeBC requirements to perform electrofishing. Read More…..
Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA/EA)
The primary purpose of an Environmental Impact Assessment is to identify and describe the potential environmental impacts associated with a proposed development, and applicable environmental protection and/or mitigation measures to be implemented to avoid these impacts during project preparation, construction and operation. Read More…..
Environmental Management Plan
An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is a guidance document for the proponent to measure and achieve compliance with the environmental protection and mitigation requirements of a project. Read More…..
Environmental Monitoring
Keystone Environmental provides environmental monitoring services for projects requiring a third-party Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) and to maintain compliance with environmental requirements and management measures. Read More…..
Habitat Restoration
Keystone Environmental biologists have completed terrestrial and freshwater/marine habitat restoration and enhancement plans. Read More…..
Invasive Species Management
Invasive plant species are typically fast growing and tenaciously colonize disturbed sites. Proper management or removal and disposal of these plants is required by the provincial Weed Control Act and/or municipal requirements. Read More…..
Permits and Approvals
Keystone Environmental project managers work closely with clients at the planning stages to identify applicable permits and approvals, as well as the timing of projects, that may be required prior to project approvals and for specific project activities. Read More…..
Stream and Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) Assessments
Keystone Environmental biologists conduct stream assessments to determine the appropriate development setbacks regulated by local municipal Streamside Protection Enhancement Areas (SPEA), or to identify potential riparian or in-stream restoration opportunities. Read More…..