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Keystone Environmental has been working with various Indigenous communities across Canada providing environmental consulting services – Environmental Site Assessments, Impact Assessments, Monitoring, Risk Assessments, and Training and Capacity Building within the nations. We are committed to further building relationships and working with Indigenous Peoples, governments, and organizations, and understand that effective relations must include genuine recognition, respect, and reconciliation.

Our engagement efforts with local communities include providing consulting services for Indigenous governments, forming partnerships with Indigenous led businesses, providing work experience and mentorship to students, and engaging/liaising with First Nations on behalf of non-Indigenous clients.

Indigenous Engagement Processes and Policies

We are committed to respectful and responsive relationships with communities, building and maintaining our partnerships and formalizing government relations. Through our internal and external training with Indigenous Peoples and our everyday interactions, we continue to bridge the gap and restore harmony by working effectively with indigenous peoples at all levels of leadership and assist in community development by working with the three levels of government  (federal, provincial, and municipal).

Support through Employment and Procurement

Keystone Environmental is committed to engaging members from the local Indigenous communities and using Indigenous labour, professional services, and suppliers when possible. We believe in maximizing economic benefits to communities and local companies and realize the importance of our involvement.

Supporting Students Through Indigenous Co-Op Programs and Training Opportunities

Keystone Environmental is proud to support future environmental professionals by providing them with valuable work experience through co-op work terms.

Stanley Park Totem Poles

Our objectives are to provide work experience at a leading environmental consulting firm, expose future professionals to a variety of environmental practice areas and provide students the opportunity to expand their professional networks.

 To provide opportunities to Indigenous youth enrolled in the Engineering and Science programs, we have been engaging with UBC’s Indigenous Programs and Services Department that support students to join the workforce by matching them with the right employer. 

We also provide learning opportunities to teenage students who have expressed interest to learn more by providing onsite training and mentorship. We recently provided two teenaged girls a two-day course in Introduction to Environmental Monitoring and Habitat Restoration by having them shadow our senior staff at an active project site.