Wastewater Engineering


Wastewater engineering is not a specific discipline but an amalgamation of chemical, civil, biological engineering, physics and mathematics. It primarily deals with the transportation, treatment and management of contaminated water. This can include design of collection systems, piping networks, pumping systems, physical, chemical and biological treatment processes, dewatering systems, machinery, and safety systems.

wastewater engineeringOur Engineering Department plan, design, and oversee construction and operation of processes and structures for the collection, distribution, treatment, and disposal of water and wastewater. We work on projects of all scales from designing small package plants, to large municipal and industrial treatment facilities, pumping stations, reservoirs, distribution systems, and sewers. Many of our junior engineers begin by overseeing the day-to-day operation and maintenance of treatment plant to gain familiarity with the working parts that will assist them in their future designs

Our past projects have included simple primary treatment solutions to evaluations required to understand complex wastewater chemistry to peculiar projects such as the tainting of flavour of fish in the receiving water. We have designed and constructed wastewater treatment plants and constructed wetlands across Canada. Some of our clients have included rail yards, wood processing facilities, maintenance shops, industrial and hazardous waste landfills, food processing facilities, agricultural lands, municipal and federal government facilities.

We offer assistance and guidance in resolving problems while delivering high quality and innovative solutions through sustainable design. We can provide a turn-key project or serve in a limited role depending on the client’s needs. Our background includes design of new facilities of varying magnitude, as well as system expansion and cost-effective rehabilitation of existing systems. We can provide operation and maintenance assistance as well as troubleshooting systems.

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