Sterling IAQ Consultants Ltd., a subsidiary of Keystone Environmental, are experts in indoor air quality, testing, mold, hazardous materials, and occupational safety and hygiene.

There are new WorkSafeBC Certification and Licensing Requirements to help keep everyone safe from the danger of asbestos and abatement, which can affect your next environmental project. Our Sterling IAQ team is fully certified under the new WorkSafeBC regulations and is licensed to provide these services. Below, we have answered the most common questions to help you understand these new mandates.


Question 1: What are the new WorkSafeBC licensing requirements?

Answer: As of January 1st, 2024, training, certification, and licensing requirements are now in effect to help keep workers safe from the dangers of asbestos. Any abatement company/contractor conducting abatement work in relation to buildings, or any company providing asbestos survey services, must be licensed by WorkSafeBC. Under these new rules, asbestos survey work is considered abatement work. 

Individual workers that conduct abatement or asbestos survey work must have adequate training and pass an exam to become certified. The training must be completed from an approved provider. You can read more about these details on the WorkSafeBC website.


Question 2: How do you get licensed and certified?

Answer: Companies must apply for an Asbestos Abatement Licence and register with WorkSafeBC. Individuals must complete training and pass the final exam to obtain certification from an approved training provider. The level and type of training is dependent on the scope of work performed by the individual/company. Licensing for companies is valid for 1-year and certification for individuals is valid for 3-years.

Sterling IAQ is licenced and listed on the WorkSafeBC registry.


Question 3: Who does the new licensing requirements affect?

Answer: The new licensing requirements primarily affects abatement workers (and asbestos surveys are defined as abatement work) but can affect anyone looking to conduct work in relation to buildings.


Question 4: What does the new licensing requirements mean for me and my project?

Answer: For abatement companies, ensure your company is licensed with WorkSafeBC, and have all applicable staff fully trained and certified.

For Project Managers and Building/Property Managers who may retain asbestos abatement or asbestos survey companies, ensure you hire only licensed companies with certified staff to work on your projects.  

If you have a project that requires asbestos surveying and/or asbestos abatement management, Sterling IAQ has the licenced staff and expertise to meet your needs.


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