Storm Water Engineering


Storm Water management has become an increasingly challenging issue for urban communities. In many cases, rainwater can no longer follow its natural patterns, which increases the volumes of runoff and its associated problems.

storm waterIn a natural environment, runoff is minimized since rainfall for the most part is dealt with naturally through infiltration, evaporation or plant transpiration. However, as a result of urbanization, we’re seeing added stress on natural watercourses and related environments, simply because the ability for rainfall to be absorbed into the soil, detained or treated. This effect is changing the natural water balance.

Excessive runoff can lead to flooding and altered stream flow, erosion, algae growth, compromised water quality, threats to aquatic habitat and changes to groundwater resources. Managing the water balance therefore is important in terms of flood protection, sustaining water quality, erosion control and improving infiltration.

There’s a growing need to implement storm water management systems that control the volume and quality of runoff. Our storm water management engineering specialists have developed city-wide storm water and watershed monitoring frameworks and comprehensive storm water management plans for major industrial facilities to ensure that all surface runoff, storm, and wastewater leaving the property is in compliance with applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations.

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