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Environmental engineering is generally described as the application of scientific and engineering principles for protection of human populations from the effects of adverse environmental factors and the protection of the environment for potentially deleterious effects of natural and human activities. This provides quite the synergy in providing an overall improvement of environmental quality. The Engineering Department at Keystone Environmental pride themselves on considering environmental, social and economic factors, the three tenants of sustainability, when solving environmental problems for our clients.

In the past 30 years, the Engineering Department has grown from primarily designing in-situ remediation systems for contaminated sites, to assisting with landfill design and management, treatment plants design and operation, stormwater systems design, and air emissions. We have increasing focused on the asset management of existing systems including improving efficiencies via operational improvements, source segregation and upgrades with new and innovative technologies.

While many of our core projects are regulatory driven, we are seeing more and more public and private sector clients that want to go beyond the minimum requirements and become leaders in the protection of their workers, the environment and consequently, their brand. Companies are more aware than ever of the benefits to the bottom line from energy management, pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, water management and environmental sustainability.

With the boom on the construction industry in BC for industrial, commercial and public residences, we have been focused on identifying the hazards from prior industries that have affected the soil and groundwater in our province. Once identified, these contaminants need to be managed either on-site or at off-site facilities. Regardless, the engineering principles for treating or containing the contaminants are the same. The Engineering Department at Keystone Environmental has taken these techniques and applied them to sites across Canada.

Keystone Environmental professional engineering team brings to our clients expertise in wastewater, stormwater management, water supply, spill response and planning,  fuel facility compliance, erosion and sediment control (ESC), NPRI and GHG compliance, as well as “special projects” engineering. Technically many projects seem similar on the surface but understanding client objectives, building relationships with clients and regulators and keeping the focus on the end game, whether the closure of sites or the consistent treatment of discharges are the keys to successful environmental engineering.

Contaminant Remediation Engineering
Keystone Environmental’s professional engineers have decades of experience in evaluation of remediation options, including in-situ and ex-situ physical, chemical and biological processes, risk management engineering controls, and complex modelling of contaminant fate and transport, as well as site-specific hydrological modelling. Read More…..
Emergency Spill Response and Prevention Planning
Emergency spill response plans identify the risks and hazards, the potential areas where spills may occur, and what steps need to be followed if a spill does occur. They also enable development of spill prevention plans. Read More…..
Wastewater Engineering
Our engineering team tackles wastewater assignments from simple primary treatment solutions to evaluations required to understand complex wastewater chemistry that is causing tainting of flavour of fish in the receiving water. We have designed and constructed wastewater treatment plants across Canada at rail yards and rolling stock maintenance shops, for industrial and hazardous waste landfill leachate; and we operate wastewater treatment plants for many clients. Read More…..
Storm Water Management
Our storm water management engineering specialists have developed city-wide storm water and watershed monitoring frameworks and comprehensive storm water management plans for major industrial facilities to ensure that all surface runoff, storm, and wastewater leaving the property is in compliance with applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations. Read More…..
Erosion Sediment Control Engineering
Today nearly every construction site must manage erosion and sediment runoff. Our engineering team evaluates the site-specific requirements and provides detail designs for erosion and sediment control works. Read More…..
Federal Fuel System Compliance and Engineering
Since federally regulated facilities must comply with the Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products and Allied Petroleum Products Regulations, Keystone Environmental’s engineering professionals conduct compliance audits and assist clients in identifying compliance gaps along with solutions ranked in order of importance to facilitate priority corrective action scheduling. Read More…..
National Pollution Release Inventory (NPRI) Reporting
The National Pollution Release Inventory (NPRI) must be completed and filed by emitters every year. Our engineering team completes literally dozens every year for our clients, ensuring accuracy of reporting, avoiding assumptions that do not truly reflect what is really happening, and providing consistency among multiple operations of a single client. Read More…..