Richard Wells

P. Eng., CSAP, Director of Government Services | Shareholder

Mr. Richard Wells is a Senior Environmental Remediation Engineer with a background in environmental process chemistry.  His primary areas of technical expertise include the assessment and remediation of contaminated soil, bedrock and groundwater, surface water.  He is skilled in the management of site investigations, interpretation of environmental data, and in the development and implementation of remedial action plans for contaminated sites.

Mr. Wells is knowledgeable of contaminant transport phenomena including non-aqueous phase, dissolved phase, and gaseous phase flow; phase partitioning processes; dispersion in water and air; and attenuation.  He has worked with property owners, regulators, municipalities, and other stakeholders to develop and implement remedial strategies which result in responsible management of environmental risks.  He has hands-on experience with state-of-the-art air, soil and water treatment technologies and has developed site specific, risk based restoration criteria for management of a variety of organic and inorganic contaminants.

Mr. Wells has designed and supervised the installation of numerous in-situ treatment systems and in-situ chemical oxidation systems. As a contaminated site approved professional he has obtained or recommended numerous regulatory instruments and releases for former gas station sites, as well as former commercial and industrial sites. The regulatory instruments include soil relocation agreements, determinations and certificates of compliance. He has also been the ministry approved professional contact for a number of high risk sites.