Did you know that Keystone Environmental provides sonar scanning services? Here are the most common questions and answers to help you learn more about sonar services and how it can support you on your next environmental project.

Question 1: What does Sonar stand for?

Answer: Sonar is more formally known as Sound Navigation and Ranging.

Question 2: What is this technology?

Answer: It’s a technology used for underwater sound detection and navigation which uses sound waves to navigate, communicate, and detect objects underwater.

Question 3: How does Keystone Environmental use Sonar?

Answer: Keystone Environmental uses this technology for a range of applications such as:

  • Fisheries & Marine Biology: To study marine life and fisheries by locating and identifying white sturgeon and schools of fish, estimating their abundance, and understanding their behavior.
  • Environmental Monitoring: To monitor underwater environments by detecting fish presence in relation to underwater construction and tracking changes in water bodies.
  • Underwater Construction: To assist in underwater construction projects by providing accurate measurements and data for building structures like bridges, pipelines, and platforms.
  • Debris: Assist in underwater construction projects by providing accurate measurements and data for building structures such as bridges, pipelines, platforms, and artificial reefs.

Question 4: Why would I need Sonar services for my project?

Answer: Offering both side-scan and multi-beam sonar services, this technology allows us to create detailed images of the seafloor and underwater objects (otherwise known as bathymetric data) particularly for mapping large areas of the seafloor and identifying underwater structures.

This can support your next project if you need to study marine life and fisheries, monitor underwater environments, or need support in underwater construction projects.


Currently, our Biology team has been conducting sonar surveys for white sturgeon, a species at risk, on the Fraser River.

If you have a project that requires a sturgeon survey to meet permit requirements or need to conduct a bathymetric survey to identify substrate composition, Keystone Environmental has the equipment and expertise to meet your needs. Connect with Warren Appleton, our Department Head for Biological Services, to learn more about this Sonar technology.

Sonar Images
Aerial view looking face down of debris in the water.