Keystone Environmental completed a marine habitat assessment of 16 foreshore and backshore locations around the William Head Institution in Metchosin, BC in 2014/2015. We collected baseline habitat, sensitive species and species at risk information to support an Environmental Effects Evaluation Fisheries Act project review. Works included a literature review, biophysical surveys (upland, intertidal, subtidal), hydrographic surveys, and the environmental assessment. Data evaluation and reporting included the delineation of habitat polygons, habitat balance sheets, impact assessments, mitigation measures, monitoring plan, and professional statements.

Keystone Environmental attended bi-weekly project meetings with the project engineers, stakeholders, and Public Works and Government Services Canada, identifying environmental constraints and guiding the design team to minimize environmental risks. We completed the project review application to Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), which was submitted along with a professional statement of “no serious harm” in the environmental effects evaluation and completed the DFO regulatory process.

Keystone Environmental also developed the site-specific Environmental Management Plan to summarize environmental requirements for the contractor.