All adjectives we hear from our clients.  Keystone Environmental has 22 years of project completions that exceed the expectations of our clients and set new standards in the industry.

Environmental Management is a complex set of rules driven by regulations and managed by trained professionals.  When a client is faced with an issue, it is the professional that makes the difference to the project results.  A balance of technical and business knowledge move a project through the system without delay or additional regulatory costs. When clients need answers to environmental questions they turn to Keystone Environmental for the most up-to-date and complete answers.  Contact us.

From project concept to completion.

Environmental due diligence on any Real Estate asset is important during a transaction or for the ongoing management of the property.

Keystone's environmental due diligence investigation services - seeing your project through to success.
Energy Management

A fundamental strategic advantage in any business is the optimization of energy and resources.

Keystone introduces energy policies and operations that respond to stakeholder needs, create corporate competitive advantage and provide ongoing cost savings.
Environmental Risk Assessment

Human health and ecological risk assessment involves the consideration of contaminant sources, receptors and exposure pathways.

Keystone's multi-disciplinary approach to managing site specific challenges reduce risk management costs dramatically over conventional remediation to default criteria.
Environmental Impact Assessment

Effective implementation of  Environmental  Assessment s  focus on the context of the project  with findings backend by science, not speculation, opinion or regulatory prescription.  

Keystone's EA team takes a scientifically defensible position on its EA projects.

Environmental Management - Mining

Keystone's strengths in environmental assessments, permitting, ARD/ML, site monitoring plans, water quality assessments, remediation and reclamation brings to each mining client solutions designed to navigate a project to success.
Dedicated Professionals

When your project or  business objective needs the right person there is no fine line between capabilities.  

Keystone Environmental has the skills in Biology, Risk Assessment, Environmental Technology and Contaminated Site Investigation to meet your needs.  If we don't, we'll tell you.
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The impacts or potential impacts of a proposed activity often require consensus communication with regulators and private individuals.  Our scientists understand the actual impacts and regulations and work for our client to find a solution...

Sustainability > Greenhouse Gas Emission
Profitably reducing your Greenhouse Gas footprint? Whether equipment updates, fuel switching or other, Keystone Environmental has provided the services needed for its clients to successfully complete their offset projects.
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The Ministry of Environment (MOE) issued the Stage 10 amendments to the BC Contaminated Sites Regulation (CSR) on October 27, 2016. The new amendments will come into effect on November 1, 2017. The Stage 10 amendments include the following:


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