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We know the ins and outs of environmental regulations, understand the processes and technical issues, and any implications to your business. Our diverse team of solution oriented professionals, with background in applied sciences and engineering, design environmental solutions that provide significant economic and technical benefits to make you more successful. 


Our Approach

At Keystone Environmental, we know the purpose of each project is to support the overall business plan that why we take the time to understand your project and company goals, so we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs and requirements. With over 30 years of experience in both industry and commercial projects and government regulations we represent your overall objectives.


Our Mission

We are client driven and solution-oriented, our mission is to integrate pollution prevention and control strategies to achieve regulatory compliance and to promote progress by resolving environmental issues effecting your business.


About Us

Our staff, including professional engineers, geo-scientists, toxicologists and environmental scientists, commit to prompt, personal and high-quality service and providing environmental solutions  designed to make our clients more successful.


We work with client organizations of all sizes in both the private and public sectors. Working closely with our clients, regardless of their sector,  we are able to develop workable, easy-to-maintain solutions which complement the operation of your current facilities.


With over 30 years of experience in industry and commercial projects and government regulations we represent your overall objectives. By taking the time to understand how our services help you to achieve your goals, we are able to tailor each project, small and large, to your specific needs and requirements.

Understanding the types of Environmental Risk Assessments in the BC Contaminated Site Regulations

by Adam Radlowski, M.Sc., R.P.Bio The BC Contaminated Sites Regulation (CSR), under the Environmental Management Act, specifies the requirements for site remediation in the province. The BC CSR allows substances to be remediated to numerical...

What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and why do I need one?

The purpose of a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is to determine if there is a potential for contamination to be present on a site. Schedule 2 of the BC Contaminated Sites Regulation (CSR) provides a comprehensive list of commercial and...

At a Snail’s Pace | Considerations for the Oregon Forestsnail during Development

By: Corrie Allen, M.Sc., R.P.Bio. Species at Risk are a central consideration in the early design phases of a proposed development project. While the large, charismatic megafauna like grizzly bears and killer whales garner substantial interest...

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