At Keystone Environmental, we know that the purpose of each project is to support your overall business plan. By taking the time to understand how our services help you to achieve your goals, we are able to to tailor each project, small and large, to your specific needs and requirements.

With our backgrounds in applied sciences and engineering, we know the ins and outs of environmental regulations, understand the processes and technical issues, and the implications to your business. With over 30 years of experience in both industry and commercial projects and government regulations we represent your overall objectives.

Our Services

Biological Services

servicesAt Keystone Environmental our professional biologists and toxicologists apply their technical knowledge to generate solutions that facilitate your business objectives while being protective of the environment.

We identify important natural features such as wetlands, rare species, or unique habitats that may require management or monitoring before, during or after any development. We work with our clients to develop solutions for avoiding or minimizing impacts to the environment in any stage of a project plan.

Contaminated Sites Services

servicesOur contaminated site professionals successfully complete projects from the simplest Phase 1 to the most complex Remediation.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, highly developed investigation, assessment, and remediation skills backed with over 30 years experience with scientific and engineering professionals and your overall objectives always in mind, we develop solutions that are both innovative and cost effective.

Engineering Services

Keystone Environmental’s engineering professionals provide environmental management tools to help our clients manage complex environmental systems and undertake option evaluations, detail design and engineering oversight of construction to resolve client issues. Our engineering solutions respect your business and are developed to minimize their effect on ongoing business enterprise.

We bring to our clients expertise in wastewater and storm water management and treatment, water supply, fuel facility compliance and engineering, erosion and sediment control, NPRI and GHG compliance.