Since 1999, Environment Canada has collected data from Canadian companies regarding the release of known pollutants to air, water and land within Canada. Using the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI), the intent of the inventory is to:

  • Identify pollution prevention priorities;
  • Support the assessment and risk management of chemicals, and air quality modelling;
  • Help develop targeted regulations for reducing releases of toxic substances and air pollutants;
  • Encourage actions to reduce the release of pollutants into the environment; and
  • Improve public understanding.

The NPRI manages the Inventory under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and requires companies to report pollutant releases on an annual basis by June 1 of every year. As you can appreciate there are complexities with any national reporting system and so taking advantage of experienced professionals can speed up and streamline your requirement to report annual pollutant releases to the NPRI. Keystone Environmental has for a number of years helped companies who need to report to the NPRI.

Our experienced professionals can provide you with services that include understanding all of your pollutant releases and accurately preparing your annual NPRI report allowing you to focus on the core areas of your business. With the June 1 deadline fast approaching we encourage you to contact Richard Johns at ac.la1721744500tnemn1721744500orivn1721744500eenot1721744500syek@1721744500snhoj1721744500r1721744500. for a quote to complete your 2014 calendar year NPRI report. We look forward to hearing from you.