Christina Chan

P. Eng., Project Engineer / Team Lead | Shareholder

Ms. Chan is a civil environmental engineer with sixteen years’ experience in the field. Her primary work experience focuses on design and construction of industrial wastewater treatment plants, managing wastewater treatment plant operations and maintenance, and developing innovative solutions for wastewater treatment and waste management. 

Her main project work focuses on wastewater systems analyses to determine options for optimization – to make the system more economically and practically efficient, to identify upstream inputs that could cause out of compliance discharge, and to work on upgrades to improve the overall system so the discharge meets the regulatory requirements.  

In addition to working as the environmental advisor to clients, her project work includes water quality assessment for landfills, stormwater management including catchment area calculations and infrastructure design, erosion and sediment control designs, design and build of wetlands remedial systems, regulatory permitting for construction dewatering, and designed and managed remedial chemical injections to treat dissolved arsenic in groundwater.  

Ms. Chan is involved in research and development on projects, as innovative solutions are required to solve practical operational problems. She has recently applied for a patent for a new sludge geobag for treatment system solid waste, and is now primarily focused on renewable energy and alternative solid waste handling/disposal for the rail transportation industry.

Ms. Chan is a team lead for the Engineering Department.