Development Industry Services

Keystone Environmental is a strong proponent of, and has worked with the development industry for over 3 decades. In serving this sector, our services are tailored to meet its specific needs. Having recognized expertise in the evaluation and clean-up of contaminated sites, we are able to assist the development industry throughout the development process.

During the property acquisition stage we are routinely involved in conducting Phase I/Stage I preliminary site investigations, and, where warranted Phase II/Stage II site investigations. Our Phase I investigations are prepared not only to reduce potential exposure to liability associated with contaminated sites, but also to assist in obtaining mortgage and project financing. Where contamination is present, our preliminary investigations are designed to enable assessment of potential clean-up costs – a factor critical to the success of any project. We have also assisted our clients in negotiations with vendors regarding liability and cost sharing approaches to address site contamination.

Our work programs are designed to compliment other aspects of the overall development approval process. By working as a member of the development project team, we coordinate the environmental approvals in anticipation of the scheduling of the overall development approval process, so the critical project elements are not delayed.

At Keystone Environmental we are an advocate of the development industry. Utilizing our environmental regulatory expertise and our knowledge and working relationships with senior BC Environment managers and directors, we will challenge the regulatory position and work towards the best interest of our clients.

Keystone Environmental continues to serve the development industry on small projects through those with market values in the hundreds of millions of dollars.