Public Transit Services

Public transit systems are facing the demand for equal access to faster and more convenient service. Expanding and improving service is accomplished by adding passenger stations, vehicles and maintenance facilities which represent a substantial public investment, and one that warrants protection from environmental risk. In response, transit must consider its social mandate of setting a visibly high standard for environmental protection, consistent with its role in reducing automobile emissions.

Keystone Environmental tailors its services to meet transit’s demands for innovative, high-quality solutions that retain value. We promote solutions which reduce future capital and maintenance expenditures, such as converting to touch-less vehicle wash systems for protection of vehicle finishes and coatings, and high quality fueling systems with leak and spill prevention measures.

Keystone Environmental provides environmental site assessments for identifying and managing risk on operating properties, or to assist in the conversion of former industrial property to new assets such as passenger stations and maintenance facilities.

Keystone Environmental offers a full range of services to public transit, such as:

  • environmental site assessments for property transfer
  • decommissioning of fueling and maintenance facilities
  • upgrade of fueling and servicing systems
  • integrated vehicle wash and wastewater treatment system designs
  • wastewater treatment and storm water management systems
  • waste management and pollution prevention studies
  • assessing air emissions from maintenance shops
  • spill response and remediation
  • environmental risk management strategies
  • regulatory compliance and liaison