Discharge Permitting: Engineers Making Compliance Easier

Does your business have an air or liquid discharge to the environment?

Does your process generate air particulate or chemicals that regulatory agencies consider contaminants and are regulated under the various jurisdictions? Whether it is solid, liquid or gas discharges, Keystone Environmental’s engineers has the scientific and engineering expertise to assist you with your discharge permitting needs and meet your regulatory requirements. Keystone Environmental understands the different requirements of municipal, local regional districts, Provincial and Federal governments. We can design a cost-effective program that will meet your regulatory obligations ranging from turn-key programs to using your staff as trained monitors and all variations in between. Currently we are providing Provincial air and water permitting services for treatment systems and local landfills that includes monthly monitoring and reporting of odour, volatiles and particulates. We also provide Federal solid and liquid discharge permitting for material handling facilities.

We have worked with the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy to obtain waste discharge permits and waste approvals for discharges to air, water, or to the ground, in addition to obtaining approvals for Code of Practice registrations.  Similarly, we have worked with Metro Vancouver to obtain discharge permits to the sanitary sewer or discharge to the air within the Metro Vancouver air shed.  Our engineers are very knowledgeable on the discharge regulations and can guide you to current as well as long-proven waste treatment options should these be needed under the regulatory requirements. Our Engineering Department routinely designs and installs treatment plants or systems to effectively solve our client’s needs and discharge permitting requirements. In many cases, minor upgrades or operational changes can improve efficiency. Documentation of system operation and monitoring are key items to show regulators that you are conducting your due diligence.

Following permit or approval receipt, we will work with you to complete the necessary monitoring to fulfill the permit or approval reporting requirements. Often, permit requirements include monthly sample collection comprising of sample and duplicate analysis. Keystone Environmental’s long-standing relationship with environmental testing laboratories benefits your discharge permitting program with preferred services. Our compliance reporting expertise allows you to quickly meet your routine reporting requirements with proven report content and formats.

If you require permitting assistance, Keystone Environmental is your logical choice. Please contact Richard Johns at ac.la1716241248tnemn1716241248orivn1716241248eenot1716241248syek@1716241248snhoj1716241248r1716241248 or call 604-430-0671 for answers to your questions.