We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in the growth of Keystone Environmental. Two leaders in our Biological Services Department, @Warren Appleton and @Jeremy Nilson, have officially been named as shareholders of the company.

Warren – Department Head for our Biology Department – has been key in leading our public-sector biology projects, and has been instrumental in fostering relationships and ensuring our commitment to excellence is consistently upheld. His established expertise as a Qualified Environmental Professional, senior biologist, and project manager, has greatly contributed to Keystone Environmental’s success.

Jeremy – Project Manager and Team Leader – has continuously showcased his dedication and deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by our clients. He is a well-rounded biologist and project manager, and his ability to lead and deliver on intricate projects has strengthened our Biology team and allowed them to flourish.

The addition of our new shareholders underlines Keystone Environmental’s commitment to ‘promoting-from-within’ and ensuring that those who drive our success are directly vested in our future. We are proud of our entire group of shareholders and the unique skills they bring, including their high level of commitment to serving our clients, developing our staff, and creating a path forward for our success.

Congratulations, Warren and Jeremy!