Keystone Environmental is highly experienced with spill planning and response activities. Here’s a Question-and-Answer series with our Spill Response Coordinator, Sabrina McCarthy, to answer some of the most common questions.

Question 1: What Environmental Spill Response services does Keystone Environmental provide?

Answer: Our core competencies include emergency response & spill response planning, follow-up monitoring, initial site assessment, thorough investigations & contaminant delineation, remedial planning, and remediation & risk assessment approaches.

Question 2: A spill happens. Who do I call?

Answer: First, you should call 911 to ensure first responders are at the site. You will then need environmental spill response services. You can reach us Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm at our head office: 604-430-0671. If the spill occurs afterhours and/or on a weekend, you can reach us anytime at 1-855-702-2071 (24 hours, 7 days/week).

Question 3: Once a spill occurs, what will Keystone Environmental do?

Answer: We provide qualified environmental staff to respond and assist with the management and evaluation of the spill to limit environmental impacts, which may include sampling of the affected receiving environment (e.g., soil and/or water) and providing guidance to control and contain spills to limit their effects on the receiving environment and neighboring properties. We will also work with an environmental contractor with spill response equipment and protection devices, if necessary. Our team can assist with notifications and reporting of the incident to the applicable regulatory agencies such as municipalities, and provincial and federal agencies.

    Question 4: What kind of spills does Keystone Environmental handle?

    Answer: Keystone Environmental can handle most spill situations. Typically, the most common response services include spills from vehicle accidents, derailments, storage tanks, and from lack of secondary containment or treatment capacity.

    Question 5: Where is Keystone Environmental able to provide spill response services?

    Answer: We provide spill response services across Western Canada. We understand the urgency with spill response clean-up and can respond immediately, but mobilization times may vary depending on the remoteness of the spill location.


    If you require proactive spill response planning services, or need support with a current issue, connect with our Spill Coordinator Sabrina McCarthy to learn more about our services.