Reliable Operators Available 24 Hours a Day

Keystone Environmental Ltd. has nearly thirty years of experience in wastewater treatment plant operation across British Columbia, from the Lower Mainland to remote locations in Northern British Columbia. Some of the services provided by Keystone Environmental Ltd. for wastewater treatment plant operation include design, systems upgrades, daily operation, chemical ordering, equipment maintenance and other requested services based on client needs. Keystone Environmental’s experience with treatment plants ranges from small groundwater treatment systems located in urban centers to full scale treatment plants for large industrial yards. Each plant has a minimum of two back-up operators to cover when the primary operator is unavailable.

Proper scheduled maintenance is an essential part of treatment plant operation. The primary goal of wastewater treatment plant operation is to ensure discharged effluent is within permit requirements and to minimize environmental impacts. To ensure treatment plant operation meets the intended goals Keystone Environmental Ltd.’s operators are thoroughly trained and make use of a standardized checklist system to ensure daily, weekly and monthly tasks are completed to a high standard. During daily checks, the operator inspects the treatment plant components and equipment, operates treatment plant equipment, refills chemicals and ordering supplies, monitors tanks levels, system pressures, pH values and makes adjustments accordingly. Additional services provided by Keystone Environmental Ltd. for treatment plant operation include oil recovery and disposal, sludge management, storm water diversion, pipe inspections and system cleanouts.

The Keystone Environmental Ltd. operators are trained to respond to alarm conditions that occur at treatment plants. Some treatment plants have remote access so small changes to the system settings can be made by the operators without mobilizing to site. Common alarm conditions that occur at treatment plants can include high flows, equipment failures or power failures. By providing an emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, Keystone Environmental Ltd. can provide peace-of-mind to clients with wastewater treatment systems.

Keystone Environmental Ltd.’s experience with treatment plant operation contributes to the reliability of our treatment plant designs. Keystone Environmental Ltd. has designed treatment plant solutions for diverse clients such as rail yards, automotive parts, pulp mills, saw mills, gas stations, landfill leachate, food producers and breweries. For clients with existing infrastructure Keystone Environmental Ltd. is able to provide design input for upgrades or retrofits in order to meet new regulatory requirements or increased wastewater capacities.